Science Labs

Physics Lab
De Paul has a full fledged and well maintained physics lab with all instruments. It has enough space for 30 to 45 students. Children get good quality instruments/equipments to do their practical with ease. They get guidance from their Physics teachers. Practical is done strictly according to CBSE syllabus.

Chemistry Lab
The school is having a splendid well equipped, ventilated and hygienically maintained Lab. The chemistry laboratory is designed for practical classes for 25-30 students at a time. There are appropriate tables, gas connectivity with racks for chemicals neatly arranged keeping in line with the best tradition of teaching and learning. The chemistry laboratory is managed by very highly experienced lab Assistant and teachers.

Biology Lab
A biology student in the school is obliged to attend laboratory with almost sincerity, honesty and Inquisitiveness. In the biology practical class, a student studies detailed structure both morphological histological and physiological aspects of plants and animals. The biology practical classes are conducted strictly on the basis of CBSE guidelines.

Computer Lab
We have two computer labs one for the primary and middle section and the other for the secondary and senior secondary section. The recent version of computers is introduced with two teachers managing one class dividing them in to two groups.

Mathematics Lab & Geography Lab is too set according to the guide lines.

De Paul possesses a library with the best collection of books. It has the capacity to hold 45 to 50 students at a stretch.

Music, Dance & Band
The school echoes with the melodies, rhythm, spontaneity, perfection and what not in music period.

Instrumental music
Sitar, Harmonium, Guitar, Tampura, Tabla, Tamboring, Mendolin, Mridang, Maracia, Tal-tarang, Kongo, Side drum, Nagada etc.

Vocal, Classical and light music
Taals and semi classical song are taught.

Dance drama & different types of folk and classical dance are taught & performed on the stage by the students.

Students Band is appreciated by all in and around Vindhyanagar. New Band Troop in New Uniform Installed

Edu Sat
Education through satellite program is installed.

Audio- visual room
We have a neatly arranged audio - visual room for the students.

Multi purpose Auditorium
The Auditorium can contain 500 people and we too have indoor games like table tennis and badminton played here.

TEACHNEXT interactive class for all the students